Swedish house "7 room".

Swedish "7 room" house. 2 floors. The total area is 206 sq. m. The heated area is 171,2 sq. m. The area of verandas is 70 sq. m.

The house consists of 7 rooms - three in the first half of the house (two on the second floor and a kitchen-living room on the ground) and four in the second half. Room of the second half have the same area 18 sq.m. each.

All rooms on the ground floor have their own veranda, and, properly, an additional exit to the street.

The cost of construction ready to move in the Swedish House "7 rooms" are lower than Townhouse (Duplex) , as in the second half bathrooms are not required (they are located in the first half) And it does not need to equip the kitchen and stairs.

Ready for living the Swedish House "7 rooms" has the lowest price per square meter of heated area. Most large verandas. The most efficient and highest quality solution for large families.

Шведский 7 комн. Дом Шведский 7 комн. Дом

Ground floor layont

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Stages of payment of the Swedish House "7 Rooms" "ready to living"

These data are not the prices of a particular type of work and materials. They are used exclusively for a clear definition of the end of each stage

StageAmounts staged post-pay, RUB. Term of stage execution, days
conclusion of a contract for construction of turn-key home 5% -
Arrival and accommodation of crews on site 10% - *
bringing timber, pouring the foundation 10% 20
framework, a rough floor 2 nd floor, rough staircase 10% 34
roof, exterior walls, veranda 7% 16
windows, entrance doors 6% 4
wall insulation and roof, vapor barrier 7% 6
heating pipes 2% 2
boiler and radiators, startup 6% 5
rough floor of ground floor with insulation 2% 5
frame of metal profiles for gypsum board (walls and partitions) 5% 22
wiring, wiring supply, floor heating, drainage, chimney, ventilation 4% 5
concealed installation for WC 1% 1
bathrooms with Jacuzzi 1% 1
tile in bathrooms 3% 10
drywall on walls 2% 12
frame of metal profiles for gypsum board (ceiling) 2% 4
drywall on the ceiling 1% 4
putty and grout joints of gypsum board, sticky nonwoven 3% 14
painting walls 1% 4
switches and sockets 2% 2
mortise and concealed lighting 1% 4
shelves, doors, cabinets, built-in drawers, countertops in bathrooms and kitchen, wall tiles in the kitchen 2% 8
sinks in bathrooms and kitchens, toilets, faucets, cooktop 2% 2
doors and doors to bathrooms, shower door 1% 2
mirrors in the bathrooms, hallway, corridor, hooks and holders for towels in bathrooms 1% 2
laminate flooring, baseboards, trim, carpet on the stairs 1% 7
painting the house outside 2% 7
Total 100% 203

*Maximum number of days after signing the contract, during which the team of builders arrived on the object and goes to work. These days are not included in the calculation of construction terms