Frequently asked questions

01.04.2010 Whether do you build a home on other projects, but presented in the section " price "?

At the heart of every project lies a basic dwelling house. Projects differ from each other only the external environment of the base at home. Therefore, the base house we do not change, but we can change the configuration of the environment.

01.04.2010 Are photos on this site real?

Yes, all the pictures on the site - these are real photos of the built and decorated our houses.

01.04.2010 Who are you?

Legal form - private entrepreneur. "Our team consists of 18 members: four teams of 4 people and two leaders. Director - an individual entrepreneur, with whom contract is a contract for stoitelstvo. He also performs the functions of the superintendent, suppliers and be responsible for the quality of work.

01.04.2010 How do I pay?

Payment is made according to the steps, spelled out in the work contract. Information on the cost and timing of the stages represented in the description of a particular model home.

29.03.2011 What kind of work related to preparations for building, construction and after construction, you generally undertake?

We undertake the following issues:

    - Demolition of the old house on the site;

    - Landscape adaptation ;

    - Design of working draft for the cottage (the architectural and construction drawings, heating and ventilation, plumbing and sewerage, electrical);

    - Consultations on summing up a section of water, electricity, sanitation (in case, do the work by ourselves);

    - Purchase of materials, logistics and direct construction. Purchase "clean" with the provision of all checks;

    - Solutions for disaster recovery at home (in case of power outages, gas, water and sanitation, etc.);

    - Full automation of home (internet, intranet, videonabolyudenie, air conditioning, access control, fire alarm and fire-fighting and m n. equipment supply, installation and commissioning, maintenance);

    - Post warranty support;

    - Advicing on registration of the ownership of the Swedish built houses;

    - Advicing on running your own business based on the rental of houses built by the Swedish. (An extreme case: a complete business start-up);

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